pattal dona banane ki machine Diaper Machine:PCMC offers full line of diaper machines.


pattal dona banane ki machine Diaper Machine:PCMC offers full line of diaper machines.

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  Paper Converting Machine Company offers a full line of baby and

  adult diaper machines to meet the needs of today’s market. The new

  Series 530 Diaper Machine, advanced drum former, high compression

  packaging station, automatic cutoff and flying splice unwinds, and the

  barrier leg cuff feature are all part of PCMC’s full complement of

  converting machinery.

  New Series 530 Diaper Machine with Drum Forming System

  The new Series 530 Diaper Machine has been engineered with over 80

  design improvements to offer increased production speed and flexibility,

  as well as simplified operation and maintenance. It is available with

  the advanced drum forming system, termed Model 530-D. This system

  provides an effective means to produce specially contoured and shaped

  fluff pads, which cannot be done efficiently on the alternate flat wire

  forming system. The drum forming system includes a newly designed

  hammermill, which results in better quality fluff and higher pad


  Barrier Leg Cuff Now in Demand

  The barrier leg cuff (BLC) feature, also known as the standing leg

  cuff, is an important new development which greatly improves diaper


  It is predicted that nearly all private label producers will soon

  add this marketable feature to the diapers they manufacture. PCMC can

  provide a barrier leg cuff system, tailored to the design requirements

  of existing or new machines.

  New High Compression Packaging Station

  PCMC has responded to the needs of the marketplace with the

  introduction of a new high compression packaging station. Grant Craig,

  PCMC Sales Manager for Disposables Machinery, explains: “High

  compression diaper packaging substantially reduces shelf space

  requirements, packaging materials and shipping costs. The new PCMC

  compression station can be added to new or existing baby or adult diaper

  machines. This high capacity unit can reduce diaper stacks up to one

  half (50%) of their original machine-made volume. Compressed stacks are

  accumulated to produce dual tandem or quadpacks and then transferred

  through loading horns for manual or automatic bagging. This new system

  offers diaper manufacturers increased efficiency and cost savings.”

  New Feature Saves Operator Time

  Automatic cutoff and flying splice unwinds are now available for

  use with poly, nonwoven and tissue parent rolls. The automatic transfer

  eliminates the need for operator attention by automatically cutting off

  the operating web and splicing in the standby parent roll. The process

  is activated in one of three ways: 1) by sensing the expiring tail; 2)

  by sensing a preset minimum roll diameter which then activates the

  automatic web cutoff and splicing system; or 3) by manually triggering

  the cutoff and transfer process anywhere within the operating roll, as

  may be required to cull out a troublesome or off-quality roll.

  Adult Diaper Machine Meets Needs of Expanding Market

  PCMC’s Model 610 Adult Diaper Machine is designed to provide the

  added production flexibility and efficiency required by the rapidly

  expanding adult incontinence market. The Model 610 now includes change

  over capability to produce all sizes of adult briefs – in addition to

  underpads and chair pads.

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pattal dona banane ki machine Diaper Machine:PCMC offers full line of diaper machines.